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J.Jpn. Surg. Soc.. 122(6): 594-599, 2021

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Kawasaki City Institute for Public Health, Tokyo, Japan

Nobuhiko Okabe

The epidemiology of COVID-19 in Japan from January 2020 to mid-June 2021 is summarized. After the initial stage, the epidemiological and clinical details, etc. of this novel infectious disease have been gradually understood, and vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 have been introduced at an unusual speed. On the other hand, new problems such as the emergence of viral variants have also arisen. In addition to the emergence of this novel infectious disease and countermeasures against the physical symptoms, it has become a “social disease,” which complicates the associated problems. It is extremely unlikely that this virus will disappear altogether and that humans will no longer become infected, although it is expected that the number of severe and fatal cases will decrease when COVID-19 vaccinations become widespread among high-risk populations. The era of “living with coronavirus” will come when most people understand how outbreaks of this disease can be controlled with standard precautionary measures.

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